Eternal Eclipse Taoyarin


Taoyarin is an action/exploration game for MegaZeux (n.b. MegaZeux is required to play this game) by Lancer-X. It takes roughly 3 hours to play through the game on a first attempt.


Taoyarin can be downloaded here: (12,969 kilobytes)


Control Outcome
Cursor keys Movement
Space Use selected item (only applies to 'Silver Net', 'Lucent Matter' and 'Lifeweb')
Space + dir Use selected item in direction (applies to all but 'Eternity Charm', 'Lucent Matter' and 'Lifeweb')
S Skips (most) cutscenes. Mid-game, collects loose silver essence.
Z, X Select weapon/item (Z scrolls up, X scrolls down)
1 Select 'Glass Shard'
2 Select 'Silver Net'
3 Select 'Venom'
4 Select 'Resound/Affect'
5 Select 'Moon Flute'
6 Select 'Tsuruoni'
7 Select 'Paper Lantern'
8 Select 'Eternity Charm'
9 Select 'Lucent Matter'
0 Select 'Lifeweb'


Available at are maps of most areas in the game. These can be useful to help you find your way around.

Hints and Tips